Former Irish dancer?

So you danced for years as a child or as an adult, had to stop but want to get back into it. Maybe you were pushed to much to compete and didn’t like it. Maybe you like expressing your personality through your dance but other schools never let you try.

Come join our performance group! We will teach you the steps, the style and the give you that confidence to show your abilities on stage. We have began setting up area performances that are going to be featured in Houston area venues and churches.

We are different. We treat our dancers like an individual, not just a competitor number.

Our school is proactive in the community, we create opportunities for dancers, we don’t wait around to respond to opportunities others create for us.

Put your past experience to work and have fun, meet some good people, show the community your talents and give back, all at the same time!

What’s stopping you? We offer classes and performance opportunities for dancers just like you!

If you are someone wanting to learn Irish dance for the first time, we have classes for you as well!

Email to start your new Irish dancing journey!


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