New Year, new classes, join us!

With 2023 a week away , here is one resolution that might benefit you more than others!

It’s a resolution you can achieve and will help you not only get in shape, but learn confidence, belong to something worthwhile, something that might be a part of your family history. It’s also something that will help give back to the community; something enduring!

We offer beginner Irish dance classes for ages three through adult and promote a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s common for moms to dance with their kids as students in our school and we think it’s great.

We give our students lots of opportunities to show off what they learn by way of public and private performances held quarterly, which help raise money for community fundraisers. All of our shows list a beneficiary in the form of a charitable organization.

What you won’t find here is an aggressive, win-at-all-costs studio. While we do offer a few competitions to those who want that, it is not our focus. We teach Irish dance as part of a bigger, age old culture. A vibrant one where music, dance, history and family and community connections are most important.

We want you to do your best and learn about yourself and others while you learn our dance form, but we offer balance. Though we are not a religious-based dance school, we do teach through a conservative, Godly point of view. We don’t curse at students, we conduct ourselves professionally in our classes and are active in our community.

If we appeal to you, please email us anytime at to sign up today. We don’t have waiting periods and we do offer discounts for siblings, homeschool students and parent/dancer combinations.


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