We have been teaching in the Houston area and beyond for over 18 years. We are registered teachers with An Chomhdhail, the Irish Dance Teacher’s Congress, based out of Dublin, Ireland. We teach authentic Irish dance, some basic Irish language, history and Irish music.

Our values:

Though we are not a religious dance school, we are conservative in our scope, and our teacher upholds traditional Christian values and is exemplified in his personal approach to teaching.

We never compromise dancers through participation in certain events, parades, political or social agendas, etc. Sadly, other schools in the area do. We are not a win-at-all-costs school, but rather a school that teaches life lessons through the medium of Irish dance and culture, a culture that by its nature, is traditionally conservative.

We only perform at family-oriented events and competitions. We are background-checked as well. If you are looking solely for a dance form to compete in, we are not the fit for you. We do offer competition but it is not the main focus of our school. If however, you want authentic instruction, performances that are designed to teach students to give back to their community and at the same time, strengthen their character, we might be a fit. We have the backing of an organization that has the reputation of the most stringent teacher’s certification behind it, and one that saw most of the legendary dance masters as founders and members. If you want to learn about our culture and all that it has to offer, reach out; let’s talk! We are the only school in Texas with this type of program.

Our founder and head teacher Richard Tew, runs the “Rince Resource” Youtube channel which since 2007 has shared Irish dance and culture to the masses. We run the longest-running Irish dance, music culture podcast “Rince Radio,” telling the whole story of our culture. With over 155 interviews from top dancers, teachers and performers, we are helping form the true history of Irish dance and music culture that was never before told. The link to this podcast is located here: www.youtube.com/rinceresource/

If you are located in other parts of Houston, we can only recommend the following schools: West University or the Heights, please visit our friend Anna Kelly with the Clann Kelly School of Irish Dance at www.clannkelly.com. If you are located north of Houston or Northwest, please visit our friend Darren Maguire at www.maguireacademy.com.

We grow our own here:

Please note ***Under no circumstances do we allow transfers from other schools in the Houston area. Former dancers who wish to return will be considered on a case-by-case basis ***

Email rttew@yahoo.com to join our dance family today!