Free social Irish dance classes (ceili/group dance)

Come join us for fun, culture, and exercise. These classes are low key and intended to teach the very basics of Irish dance and are low impact. *this is not solo dancing* like Riverdance, Lord of the Dance or competitive Irish dance. We offer those classes as well but for a fee.

We teach in Clear Lake and are looking to expand to other Houston area communities based on interest.

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Whether you are 4 or 44, we offer classes for you!

We recently added two new adults to our classes and it was a joy to introduce them to our style of dance.

If you want to come join us and get in shape, work muscles you never new you had, improve balance, dexterity, etc. we can help you!

We also offer lots of opportunities for performing, competing and giving back to the community.

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New Year, new classes, join us!

With 2023 a week away , here is one resolution that might benefit you more than others!

It’s a resolution you can achieve and will help you not only get in shape, but learn confidence, belong to something worthwhile, something that might be a part of your family history. It’s also something that will help give back to the community; something enduring!

We offer beginner Irish dance classes for ages three through adult and promote a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s common for moms to dance with their kids as students in our school and we think it’s great.

We give our students lots of opportunities to show off what they learn by way of public and private performances held quarterly, which help raise money for community fundraisers. All of our shows list a beneficiary in the form of a charitable organization.

What you won’t find here is an aggressive, win-at-all-costs studio. While we do offer a few competitions to those who want that, it is not our focus. We teach Irish dance as part of a bigger, age old culture. A vibrant one where music, dance, history and family and community connections are most important.

We want you to do your best and learn about yourself and others while you learn our dance form, but we offer balance. Though we are not a religious-based dance school, we do teach through a conservative, Godly point of view. We don’t curse at students, we conduct ourselves professionally in our classes and are active in our community.

If we appeal to you, please email us anytime at to sign up today. We don’t have waiting periods and we do offer discounts for siblings, homeschool students and parent/dancer combinations.

Free introductory class for kids and adults in League City and Clear Lake!

Come join us for a free introductory class Tuesday’s 4-5 p.m. at Classical Dance Arts in League City or Saturday morning 8-9 a.m. or Sunday 12-1 p.m. in Clear Lake for beginner Irish dance classes! It’s fun, challenging and rewarding all at the same time!

The League City studio is located at:

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The Clear Lake studio:

Irish dance classes for kids and adults!

We offer Irish dancing classes for kids and adults, from age 3 and up!

We offer recreational, performance and competition opportunities to our students in a supportive, family-friendly environment.

We have classes in Clear Lake and League City, with locations in downtown Houston to come soon.

Our dancers enjoy many performance opportunities in local venues ranging from community centers to churches, to outdoor stages in the area. We have four performance opportunities in the next six weeks alone! Though performance and competitions are not required, they do help give dancers goals for learning and improve confidence in dancers and help them to learn the importance of giving back to the community. We use our performances as fundraisers to help local charities.

Classes are Saturday’s 8-9 a.m. for kids, Saturday’s 9-12 a.m. for adults and Sunday’s 12-1 p.m. for kids.

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Come join our adult ceili (group dancing) classes!

We invite you to our beginner ceili classes. Ceili is the Irish word for group dance. It’s dancing with a partner and interacting with other partners in a group dancing setting. It’s designed for anyone to be able to participate as long as you are in decent physical shape. These classes are for adults 18 years and older! If you don’t have a partner, never fear, we have one for you! It’s good for your health and great for your soul! Email us at to learn more!